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WEEEWe conform with WEEE legislation and are disposing of any WEEE collected in a safe manner. We encourage all householders to separate WEEE from your normal waste streams and dispose of it in the spirit of the Regulations.

Over 75% of waste electrical goods end up in landfill, where lead and other toxins contained in the electrical goods can cause soil and water contamination. This can have a very harmful effect on natural habitat, wildlife and also human health. When situated near populated areas these toxins can cause problems to communities as their water and soil is polluted.

Many of the electrical items that we throw away can be repaired or recycled. Recycling items helps to save natural finite resources and also reduces the environmental and health risks associated with sending waste electrical goods to landfill.

To minimise our impact on this earth and to protect the environment for future generations it is important that we are all aware of the consequences of our actions and how we can make a difference.

The WEEE regulations are European law, and the UK is required to increase the amount of WEEE being treated and recovered in an effort to stop it going into landfill sites.

You may return any Cairn brand watch for free disposal to:
Cairn House, Suite 985, 228 Ayr Rd, Newton Mearns G77 6UY

Please note that we do not cover the cost of you returning the watch, but we do cover the cost of it’s disposal.