SOS Talisman Pendant & Pen Set Gold Plated
SOS Talisman Medical Jewellery

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Condition: New
Style: Pendant
How to use: Double sided Instructions Card included
Included: Information Strip inside ready for use
Validity: GENUINE SOS Talisman brand from Switzerland
Gender: For Men & Women (Unisex)
Capsule: Diameter: 22.5mm (0.9” | Depth: 5mm (0.2”)
Chain length: 55cm chain (approx 21.5″)
Front: SOS Talisman logo
Back: High polish
Suitability: All adults
Warranty: Full one year guarantee
Integrity: Water tight
Durability: Heat resistant
Reliability: No need for phone or internet connection
Simplicity: No engraving required
Privacy: No-one else has access to your data
Versatility: Change your information at any time
Credibility: Reliable products trusted for decades
Dependability: No moving parts or electronics
Country of Manufacture: Switzerland
Packaging: Minimal to reduce waste. Please see image.
Brand: SOS Talisman
EAN: 0739601844507
Video: Online

*Important notice: Acidity/medication may cause the gold plating to tarnish. For this reason, the gold plating is specifically not covered under guarantee. If concerned, please choose one of our stainless steel products.

Dedicated pen with fine point and waterproof ink. Writes in black permanent/ water durable pigment ink. Resists fading: ink remains dark & clear for years. Metal tip produces a sharp & clear finish. Micro fine point: writes a permanent 0.25mm line. Your vital information will not smear if exposed to water or condensation.

Your local working jeweller can remove links if necessary.

Genuine SOS Talisman medical emergency bracelet as recommended by doctors & paramedics.

Vital protection if you have conditions you might need to alert an emergency medic about.

*This product is packaged in a minimalist box to reduce its environmental footprint. It is not supplied in a presentation gift box.


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