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Can you deliver to my office or a different address?
Yes we can.

What is the returns, exchange and refunds policy?
You can return any product to us within 45 days for a full and courteous refund of the purchase price.
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How can I return an item?
For full details, please click here

Can I place my order over the telephone?
All orders are now taken online only. This is to protect your data (GDPR).

How are the products packaged?
All products are supplied in dedicated presentation boxes – the type you would normally receive if you purchased from a jeweller’s shop.

Do you offer a gift wrapping service.
We don’t offer a gift wrapping service in our offices. However many of our products are available on Amazon (UK) and they provide a gift wrapping service.

Do you ship to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand?
Yes we do.

Do you ship to the European Union or any other countries?
Yes and no. We don’t ship directly from our offices, but if you click on the “Click here to order from Amazon” button (where available), you should be able to order from there.

Are the products guaranteed?
All products are covered by a full one year guarantee. For full details, please click here

If you have any other questions, please contact us here