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 Environmentally Friendly Created Gemstones

The ethical choice. Created gemstones are stones that have been made in a lab under high pressure using the same compounds as natural gemstones. Accordingly they are identical in chemical composition and physical properties. Clearly this is a more ethical and sustainable way to produce gemstones. Read more

Physically, atomically, chemically and optically they are real gemstones. Moreover, as the lab process is clean, the stones emerge perfect – free of inclusions, flaws, fractures, impurities, dullness, cloudiness, black spots or other defects.

These gemstones are far kinder to the environment as the process of creating them uses vastly fewer natural resources in terms of water use, energy use and carbon emissions. There is no mining process so there is no scarring of the earth. This makes them considerably more eco-friendly.

The people involved in the production of these stones are paid a fair wage and their lives and health are not endangered in the mining process. 

Better not to scar the earth in producing jewellery.